Onshore Petroleum Center of Excellence


Onshore Petroleum Centre of Excellence
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Onshore Petroleum Centre of Excellence

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The Onshore Petroleum Centre of Excellence (OPCE) training facility is an industry initiative; the result of a partnership with TAFE SA and the state’s largest oil and gas producers to establish a specialist training facility to meet the training requirements of the industry.
The OPCE training facility was established under a Deed between the Mineral Resources and Energy Minister Tom Koutsantonis MP, TAFE SA, Santos, Beach Energy and Senex Energy. The new facility provides a simulated oil and gas field environment for technical training.
The OPCE is a unique facility that provides a realistic simulation of oil and gas operations from extraction to separation. The plant and equipment is ex field supplied by energy company Santos. The training options range from an overview of basic oil and gas extraction to the up-skilling of experienced operator maintainers.
The greatest advantage of the OPCE is that it allows for realistic training in a low hazard environment , by using compressed air to simulate gas and pressurised water to simulate oil. For more information on the facility and its equipment visit Facility.
The facility offers certificate II, short courses and specialist training related to the oil and gas industry. Our skilled staff can develop and deliver customised training and are always willing to work in partnership with clients to achieve the required outcomes. For more information on the Training that can be provided from the OPCE visit Training.

Students have also benefitted greatly from the OPCE. UCL Australia Senior Lecturer & Director of Research Dr Craig Styan was quick to recognise the opportunities the OPCE could provide his University College London students. The OPCE staff worked with Craig to develop a session that would support his course’s content and provide insight into oil and gas upstream processes, plant and operations
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