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Onshore Petroleum Centre of Excellence
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Onshore Petroleum Centre of Excellence


Upcoming Short Courses

  1. This 2 day course is for people requiring the skills and knowledge to safely break and make flanged joints. The course covers the critical aspects of flange joints and their safe assembly using hand and powered torqueing tools. Training includes the operation of "Hytorc" bolting systems equipment.
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  1. MSAPMOHS217A Gas test atmospheres This course is suited to any individual who may be required to carry out gas testing of an atmosphere
Gas Detection
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OPCE Short Courses
Flange Management Level 1 & 2 (PMASUP245 Break and Make Flanged Joints using Hand Tools) 

Gas Detection Course (MSMWHS217 Gas test atmospheres) 

Oil & Gas Well Monitoring (PMAOPS233 Monitor wells and gathering systems)

Oil & Gas Separation Equipment (PMAOPS246 Operate Separation Equipment)

Flange Management Level 1 & 2 (PMASUP245 Break and Make Flanged Joints using Hand Tools)

Oil & Gas Industry Prime Mover Opreration (PMAOPS221 Operate and Monitor Prime Movers)

Interpret Plant Schematics (PMAOPS280 Interpret Plant Schematics)

Isolate Oil & Gas Plant Components (PMASUP244 Prepare and Isolate Plant) 
These courses can be included in the PMA20116 Certificate II in Process Plant Operations qualification.

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Awareness Courses ​​

Fundamentals Courses

These courses provide participants with a basic understanding of oil and gas industry terminology and practices. They are ideally suited to persons who need an understanding of the oil and gas industry and processes. These courses suit a broad range of participants that could include students, engineers and managers.
This course is similar to the awareness course but includes more detail to provide participants with a higher level of knowledge, understanding and experience. This course is specially designed for non-technical people such as professionals and engineers who need to know more about the oil and gas business or persons interested in gaining employment within the industry or related fields.
Awareness Course
Fundamentals Course

Accredited Short Courses

PMA20116 Certificate II in Process Plant Operations

These courses are accredited units of competence that provide specific skills and knowledge required to work in the oil and gas industry. They are suited to persons working in or wishing to gain employment in the oil and gas industry. Some of these competencies are a mandatory requirement to enter the oil and gas fields.
The PMA20116 Certificate II in Process Plant Operations provides foundation skills that would support persons pursuing employment in the oil and gas industry.

It is an excellent first qualification and now availble on a part time basis for persons working in the industry.  

Flange Management Level 1 & 2

PMA20116 - Certificate II
Flange management Level 1 & 2 training is now availble in the OPCE.  The training covers PMASUP245 Break and make flanged joints using hand tools plus the use of powered torque wrench tools.
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Customised Training Courses

The OPCE 's skilled lecturers can develop and deliver customised training and are always willing to work in partnership with clients to achieve the required outcomes. 

OPCE Event Review

Piping and Instrumentation Diagram Reading and Pigging Training

The OPCE was able to respond to a request from Epic Energy and develop a two part customised training course. The first part of the course covered Piping and Instrumentation Diagram reading. An important skill when using pipeline drawings.  The second part was “Pigging” which is used to remove water and sediments from Oil and Gas Pipelines. The course topics were developed in consultation with Epic Energy and delivered using the OPCE plant. The adjacent photo shows lecturer Paul Sargent instructing the group in the preparation of the OPCE pig receiver.

OPCE Delivers Gas Test Atmospheres training for Epic Energy 

Epic Energy South Australia Pty Ltd's gas transmission pipelines provide gas transportation services for customers in the electricity generation, gas distribution and industrial sectors. These pipe lines are a critical part of South Australia’s infrastructure.
Epic Energy recently contacted the OPCE as several of their crew members required refresher training in the operation of gas detection equipment to keep their skills current. The OPCE responded to their request with oil and gas lecturer Paul Sargent delivering training at Epic Energy’s Gilman site using the company’s gas detection equipment. The 13 participants completed the nationally accredited unit of competence MSAPMOHS217A Gas test atmospheres.

The training was well received with several of the participants commenting that “it was the best gas detection training they had experienced”.  

Papua New Guinea Minister for Petroleum and Energy visits the TAFE SA OPCE 

PNG’s Minister for Petroleum and Energy, Mr Nixon Duban, visited the TAFE SA OPCE on Tuesday 4th of October. Minister Duban represents the seat of Madang Open in Madang Province in the National Parliament. He enjoyed the opportunity to view the OPCE training facility and learn about the training programs offered. 

UCL (University College London) Australia, students attend OPCE Session

OPCE lecturer Paul Sargent ran a one day session covering upstream and downstream oil and gas operations for a group of UCL Australia students. This is the second time the OPCE has undertaken this type of session to support their studies. Dr Craig Styan Senior Lecturer & Director of Research UCL Australia said the material was spot on and the whole day was fantastic and the students got a huge amount from the day.

​​The Society of Petroleum Engineers, South Australian Chapter - Technical Luncheon

The South Australian chapter of The Society of Petroleum Engineers visited the OPCE for one of their technical luncheons. Following lunch, the group were given an overview of the OPCE including its plant and equipment. Paul Sargent ran the oil side of the plant for the group who were interested in seeing a pig run demonstration. The group include engineers with various levels of experience within the industry but the feedback received indicated "all that attended really enjoyed seeing what is on offer at the OPCE!"

Pigging Night

Pigging has been used for many years to clean large diameter pipelines in the oil industry. A PIG (Pipeline Inspection Gauge) is inserted in the line and forced through the pipe work under pressure to clear any debris or waxing that is restricting flow. The OPCE was engaged by the Australasian Corrosion Association and the Australian Pipelines and Gas Association to provide the demonstration of a “pig run” as part of an industry night that was held on the 2nd of June. Around 40 people attended the evening that included a presentation from T D Williamson Pipe Line Performance and a demonstration of A. Hak Industrial Services push pull sonar system. The participants enjoyed the night and were very impressed with the Tonsley TAFE campus and OPCE facility.

​​Oil and Gas Essentials Course

Recently the TAFE SA OPCE team delivered a two day Oil and Gas Essentials course. The team worked with SACOME to develop a course that would provide valuable information for people who needed to know more about the oil and gas industry. The course was delivered to a group of 16 participants from a variety of companies and included administration staff, managers, procurement staff and sales people.  The feedback provided was very positive and 100% of the participants indicated they would recommend the course to others.